27 feb. 2014

Beneath your beautiful

I would say everyone has a layer, to cover what we Believe to be the less pretty parts of ourselves. Maybe you have done something bad in the past, maybe you WERE someone bad in the past,  maybe you are annoyingly happy - for the smallest things, or you get angry when you are hungry - nothing you would tell someone straight away after meeting them.

But maybe we are missing the Point, doing it the wrong way. What if I told you your flaws are what makes you Beautiful. If you only let the World know you are not perfect, maybe only then will you reach perfectness.. If we could show each other who we really are, behind that wall we put up, maybe then we could truly see each other, and love each other.

Sometimes we should consider staying with people for all the things they did right, not leaving them for the one thing they did wrong.

13 feb. 2014

Take care, take care, take care.

You know, that feeling, when you are with somebody. They become your better half, and all that. It is all very romantic, but also very true. But there are things coming between you. Things that feels like they are taking over - or are you just letting them? What about those people who Believe you have to fight for what you want, and that the good things never comes easily?

I wish it was so simple, that you would just KNOW "this is not the right one", or "this is the right, the only one. KEEP fighting!". What if I let you go, if I were to give it a good try to move on, only to realize I made a mistake, and by then you are already long gone..

5 feb. 2014

Angels - reason, season or a lifetime

There are some people that are meant to turn our whole world around. They make us question everything that is, everything we are. They make your head spinn, and your soul. And when you have stopped spinning, you find yourself being a better person. A greater person, more colorful than you thought you could ever be. These people, usually just that ONE, is something of a gift. If you believe in God, I guess you´d call them angels. You would probably call them angels even if you did not believe.

There is an old saying, about how people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. And all you have to do, is to figure out which one of these categories the person falls under. But what if this ONE person just fits so well, under all three of them? What if this person is there for a reason, for a season AND for the rest of your life...

How will you know, before it is too late?

3 juli 2013


I enjoy my own company. A lot. Sometimes more than being with other people. And it happens that people comment on it, and I never quite know how to respond to that. I think sometimes it bothers others, more than it affects me. And sometimes it makes me think, and write.

What is the meaning of life? Am I wasting it, doing things on my own? Does it only count if you're doing something that others knows about, that others can see, evaluate and comment on? If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it - did it still happen?

What if the reason for living is to experience others, to create some kind of community or a feeling of belonging - always together with others. Then I guess I need to hurry up, I am probably far behind with the social thermometer. But then, what if there is no meaning to it all. What if it just ends, we just die, and there's nothing to come once we're past, and there's no real reason or meaning to as why we were even here in the first place. Then maybe it is not me who has been mistaken, maybe it is you. Or maybe both of us are right, and wrong. Or maybe there isn't any rights or wrongs. Maybe there is just nothing. Just the "now". And whatever comes next, will come, either you're doing it with someone or you're doing it on your own. Or maybe it won't come. Maybe all we have are all these "nows", and nothing more. And maybe that's okay. Alone or not.

22 maj 2013

Do I cheat on life if you cheat on me?

If you are the love of my life, and you cheat on me. What happens with all of our memories? If there is only one person that is right for you, and that person is you, and you cheat on me. What would happen next? And if you then ask to come back to me, what do I do? If I turn my back on you, for betraying me, am I then turning my back on myself as well, and the chance of being with that one person that I am destined to be with? Should I rise above it, because if is all a part of something greater than us, something greater than pride, self respect and dignity?

Or does the fact that you did cheat on me, mean that you weren't that great love of my life after all?

15 maj 2013

1,000 words

If you only had one thousand words left, what would you say? And who would say it to? If we didn't have such an easy time opening our mouths, if we actually had to think before we spoke. Would that change the way you speak, the amount of words that you use, and maybe even the words you choose?

A couple of years ago, I got to experience what it's like when the words, your way to communicate, was taken away from you. When you have to go days and maybe weeks, without talking. Without any kind of conversations with another human being. All you had all day, was just yourself. There simply was no escaping your own thought, and emotions. When you then start to speak, letting your energy out again, that's when you truly realize how much effort it is, just to shape words, sentences, to let other people we're here. What if words wasn't enough? What if you didn't have enough of them?

24 apr. 2013

Mine is yours

Some people say that we're connected to all living things on earth, and to each other. When you promise your whole being to someone special, you say "what's mine, is now yours". But what if that's bigger than we realize? Maybe there's so much more than we ever thought. Aren't we all connected in so many more ways that we ever could've imagined.

If I have a bad day, you suffer for it. If you go to war, it being in my country or not, in the end, I will be effected by it. All those millions of people having to deal with the consequences of someone else's actions. Is that fair? Is that the meaning of "mine is yours". When you swear yourself to someone else, is that nothing but a threat, and not a declare of true and eternal love. Or is it both? Do we have to have one, to have the other?